Acne & allergies

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What do we know about facial skin? Facial skin is known to be vulnerable and can be prone to a number of problems such as acne, collagen loss, pimples, spots and sunburn.

What do we know about acne? Acne vulgaris is a very common skin disorder that affects the sweat glands by creating inflammation, pimples,  spots, and blackheads. Genetic disposition, excess sebum, hormonal changes, fatty and acidic or industrial food and the action of bacteria are some of the well known factors that can produce inflammation which varies from person to another.

Are there any medicinal plants that can relieve acne?  Medicinal plants are often effective when used over a long period of time and have in général negligible side effects. Several plants have been used for acne  as they are considered safe with limited side effects.

What do we know about diet and acne ? Avoid any fatty foods that are rich in stearic and palmic acids which are mostly present in fatty meats, chicken, cheese, sausages, processed food such as cookies, pastries, etc. Prefer low fat meat such as chicken breast, steam vegetables, and non-processed and natural food.

What do we know about synthetic skin care allergenic chemicals ? Many chemicals added to synthetic skin care products and lipsticks, etc. might cause allergies (redness, itching, etc.) to the skin when applied topically. This is due to synthetic compounds used in the cosmetics industry which according research produce topical allergic reactions when used. The list of synthetic allergenic molecules that can cause skin allergies can be found on our research web pages here

In this page, you will find medicinal plants that research has shown some evidence for their effectiveness (non-clinical studies).

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