Antiaging antioxidant

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What are the factors that induce premature skin aging ? One of the important factors that cause the appearance of premature skin aging is the oxidation of skin cells due to exposure to sun’s UV radiations. Skin changes are characterized by the appearance of wrinkles in the epidermis, an increase in the appearance of folds, creases and an accentuation of facial expression lines. Antioxidants can counter and reduce oxidation in our cells by scavenging free radicals induced by the sun’s UV radiations.

What do we know about collagen ? Collagen is a main constituent of the skin and is found also in other parts of the body such as the joints. Collagen is mainly made up of the amino acid Proline and its hydroxylated form which gives a rigid texture to collagen. The amino acid Proline is not an essential amino acid and therefore will be produced by our body but can also be obtained from our diet. Our self body’s production of Proline depends on our genetic code. A diet rich in Proline could potentially help to maintain collagen quality longer.

Natural Antioxidants and Amino Acids in Medicinal Plants We analyse all our plants to check and classify those that are rich in natural antioxidants and amino acids and so they can potentially protect the skin and body against premature ageing.

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