Immune system

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How to improve our immune system

Our immune system needs to be strengthened and monitored throughout our life. To achieve this, we should exercise frequently, sleep peacefully and for enough hours, and consume only natural and sustainable products in addtion to vitamins and antioxidants that maintain our health and prevent our body from pollution and chemical damage and any microbial damage due to virus, bacterias and free radicals. 

Recipe infusion to support immune system

This recipe is about medicinal plants that include in their composition anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and vitamins molecules. 


1/4 cup echinacea  
1/4 cup thyme 
1 /4 cup edelweiss
1/4 cup elderberries 
ginger (optional) 


Mix all ingredients and grind them well and store in a jar to use in case of fatigue and feeling of decrease of the immunity level. Use 1 teaspoon per cup of hot water once a day.

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