Sport pain

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What is Tendinitis ?  Tendinitis pain usually occurs when a tendon is inflamed from excessive exercise or from acute injury durant sport activities. The inflammation can last from a week or two and pain, redness or heat is usually perceived. Healing can take several weeks. Common tendinitis usually occur around the wrists, elbows and shoulders.

What is Sprains ? Most sprains occur in the wrist, ankle and elbow and the inflammation is due to an injury to a ligament. Healing can take several weeks

What is Strain ?  Strains occur from tears in muscle tissue. It is one of the most commonly seen sport injury and are usually located around the groin and thigh. Healing can take several days or longer.

How to reduce or suppress pain ? You need first to get a medical advice and treatment and rest the injured part of the body. Applying ice on the injured part of the body might reduce pain.

What does medicinal plants cataplasm include ? Plants cataplasms is mix of plants that include rich in can be used for common injuries such as wrist pain, shoulder pain, ankle, gluteus and quad strains, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, hamstring strain, etc.

Medicinal plants cataplasms are not a replacement for a professional medical advice and treatments.

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