Stress and anxiety

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What do we know about stress and anxiety ? Stress is one of the major causes of health imbalance today and generally occurs when we are exposed to problems that are difficult to manage and sometimes beyond our control such as financial issues, workload, deadlines, etc.

What does stress induce ? Stress is one of the most common health problems that many people around the world face. Stress can cause insomnia and feelings of nervousness, the pressure and overwork, and even depression due to anxious and negative thoughts.  Stress affects all parts of our body, including our brain and the way we think, and leads to a sleep disorder and constant tension.

How to manage stress and anxiety ? Meditation, relaxation, practicing yoga or sport in general, listening to calming music or simply sitting in a quiet garden and getting closer to nature generally help people manage stress and anxiety. Also, one of the most efficient way to manage stress is to face the problem and resolve it or get help from family, friends or from a professional. 

You will find in this section some medicinal plants that help to leviet stress and calm anxiety.

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