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What does “alkaline” mean? Alkaline means a base (a molecule that accepts a hydrogen from an acid) that is soluble in water. Basicity can be determined by measuring the pH, which must be above 7.

Are medicinal plants alkaline? Medicinal plants, like other plants in general, can be either acidic or basic (alkaline) and it depends on which part of the plant we are talking about. The tendency is that a large part of medicinal plants has a basic character in the leaf and stem parts.

What are the advantages of an alkaline diet?  Research and nutritional medicine have shown that there is some evidence that an alkaline diet based on the consumption of vegetables and certain fruits and suppressing from diet products rich in fat and acids, has a positive effect on health especially in cases of digestive disorders and other diseases. In this site we have selected plants and classified them according to their alkaline character.

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