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What are alkaloids ? Alkaloids are naturally occurring molecules that include at least one nitrogen atom and are found in flowering plants in general. Alkaloids can stimulate motor activity in the cortex of our brain (the outermost part of the brain). Very often, plants containing alkaloids have a bitter taste and are basic (alkaline) in character.

Do we find alkaloids in medicinal plants ? Alkaloids are usually present in the leaves of some medicinal plants. The presence of alkaloids can be easily recognized because the taste is bitter and very strong. Alkaloids have complex pharmacological properties. Depending on the bioactive alkaloid molecules present in the plant and their concentration, one can feel relaxation, satisfaction, pleasure, depression or bad mood.

Is there any side effect of alkaloid consumption ? Alkaloids can stimulate the cerebral cortex by providing energy, relaxation, etc. But it also gives and this depends on the plant, some undesirable side effects. Indeed, alkaloids have complex pharmacological properties and can produce very significant negative effects, especially in pregnant women and children. This is why the consumption of plants containing alkaloids must be done with great care.

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