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What are recovery methods and why recovery is so important  

Rest and recovery after exercice or after a hard day at work are equally important as exercising regularly, sleeping well and eating healthy food. However, recovery time or resting  are among the most neglected components of most people agenda. Plants phytochemicals can be used to calm, restore, reduce muscle pain after an intensive work-out or a difficult day.

Recipe – Recovery Bath or Shower for sore muscle and fatigue using medicinal plants

Taking a warm relaxing bath or shower can  help to restore muscles and tissues and calm your mind. This is an easy receipe for recovery and relaxation.  


1 cup of herbal mixture (sage, mint, lavender, lemon balm)
2 table spoons of magnesium salt (optional)


  • Place all the plants in a glove washcloth and tie securely. The glove should permeable and not be too heavy to allow easy infusion.
  • Run a hot bath at your convenience or prepare for a shower
  • Attach the glove to the water outlet (tap) and allow hot water to run through it.
  • Let the contents of the plants infuse into the bath or into the the shower water
  • Massage your body gently and enjoy !

During drought period, we recommand to use this recipe for showering and not as a bath unless it is necessary and this to save water. you will find below plants that are suitable for a medicinal bath or shower. 

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