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Medicinal Plants Tincture Recipes
How to prepare a tincture of medicinal plants The tincture consists of extracting biomolecules from medicinal plants and transferring them from the plant to the extracting liquid. The extracting liquid that is used is water and alcohol. Indeed, alcohol and water are two solvents that will penetrate the parts of the plant and more specifically cells and will extract the biomolecules. Some molecules can be extracted more easily with water while alcohol in general will extract others and many molecules can be extracted by both. Thus, mixing the two is the best way to obtain an excellent extraction yield. The preparation of the tincture is generally done using dried plants, but fresh parts of the plant can also be used. Ideally, the plants are dried and ground. This will increase the contact surface and increase the extraction efficiency. Here is a classic recipe for preparing a tincture of medicinal plants.

2 cups or 100 g of the medicinal plant (leaves, flowers or roots)
45% alcohol to cover (400 ml)
Conservation jar (about 1L volume)


Chop the medicinal plants by hand or preferably grind them in a coffee grinder
Place the plants in a canning jar. Cover with alcohol
Leave to infuse for at least 2 weeks in the dark, shaking the jar every 2 to 3 days
Filter through a cloth kitchen filter or a coffee filter and transfer to a tinted and labelled drip bottle
Place the bottle in dark and cool place. Shelf life is 1 year

Easy Way with Vodka: Fill a jar of any size with dried flowers. Cover with vodka. Put the lid on the jar and let it infuse for several weeks.
You will find below medicinal plants that can be used for the preparation of tinctures. You might place your order online or by sending an email using the form in the contact page. 

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