Facial masks

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How do you make a simple facial mask

Recipe – facial mask from medicinal plants with Oat milk

Some medicinal plants such plantain can be used for their skin regenerating proprieties in particular when mixed with calendula and bluet. An easy preparation is to mix these three ingredients with oat flour or green or white clay to make a cleansing mask for the face. 


1 tablespoon of bluet petals
1 tablespoon plantain leaves
1 tablespoon of calendula leaves
1 tablespoon oat flakes or green or white clay powder
Oat milk or almond milk or water


  • Cut the plants or grind them in a coffee grinder to obtain a fine powder
  • Transfer this mixture to a storage jar
  • When ready to use, put about one tablespoon of the mixture in a small container, and add enough water or oats milk or almond milk to make a smooth creamy mixture
  • Wash and dry your face first using your usual cleansing method
  • Spread on the face the mixture, rubbing it to exfoliate. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing
  • Use a balm or cream if necessary

Below you will find a selection of medicinal plants that can be used to make facial masks for cleaning or beauty. 

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