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Recipe for infusion of medicinal plants

The preparation method for herbal infusions are classic and well known and is prepared as for tea for leaves, flowers or the fruits part of the plant. For the root part of the plant however, the recipe is a little different, you need to boil it for 5 min then leave it for 30min to infuse. The infusions once prepared can be taken warm but can also have other applications such as mouthwash, feets baths or to inhal the steam for a decongestion of the respiratory tract.  


1 teaspoon of the plant dried and preferably ground (chamomile, thyme, mint, etc.)
1 cup of boiling water
Lemon or orange slice (optional)
Honey to taste

Soak the herbal leaves with lemon (optional) in water for 15 minutes. Filter, add honey and enjoy.

You will find below medicinal plants that can be used for the preparation of tinctures. You might place your order online or by sending an email using the form in the contact page. 

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