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Recipe of medicinal Plants in wine and liqueur

The preparation of infusions of medicinal plants in wine or liqueurs goes back to several centuries and recipes have not changed that much. Red wine or preferably white wine has been used. Wine brandy, preferably aged, but also vodka or rum can also be used. The medicinal plants are chosen according to the desired application. For example, black elderflowers can be used with white wine or brandy. This preparation is known to strengthen the immunity and relieve in case of cold or flu when taken as a warm cup before going to bed.  


1 cup or 25 g of the medicinal plant (leaves, flowers or roots)
Alcohol 40-45% 1L (white or red wine, brandy, vodka or rum)
Orange or lemon strips or cinnamon, cloves and cardamom
Honey to taste


  • Chop the medicinal plants by hand or preferably grind them in a coffee grinder
  • Place the plants in a canning jar with the lemon strips, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves
  • Cover with wine or with brandy or vodka
  • Leave to macerate for at least 2 weeks in the dark, shaking the jar every 2 to 3 days with a wooden spatula
  • Filter through a kitchen cloth filter or a coffee filter and transfer to a bottle of liqueur or wine
  • Add honey according to taste
  • Keep the bottle in a cool place and away from light.
  • To be taken preferably hot 

Below you will find medicinal plants that can be used for the preparation of wines and liqueurs. You can place your order online or by sending an email using the form on the contact page. 

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