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Natural Skin Repair Cream

Cream for dry and cracked or irritated skin.

  • Genuine recipe, sustainable packaging
  • 100% natural and organic plants
  • Zero chemicals  or additives, no essential oils
  • Also available as vegan

Skin repair cream made from medicinal plants Bio for dry and cracked or irritated skin.

Natural Skin Repair Cream – Dry & Cracked Skin – Medicinal Plants.

Skin repair balm made from a selected mix of medicinal plants Swiss Alps Bio for dry and cracked or irritated skin.

Main characteristics

  • 100% natural and organic plants
  • Genuine recipe, sustainable packaging
  • No chemicals, no essential oils, no additives, no GMOs
  • Origin of the plants : Switzerland
  • Also available as vegan

Composition: This product is made from local medicinal plants and herbes.

Directions for use : Can be used whenever it is needed on dry, irritated and damaged skin

Availability: 50 ml.

Storage: Should be stored in a cool place away from light. Shelf life is 1 year.

Delivery: Freshly prepared product. Delivery time depending on workload.


100 ml, 350 ml


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