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EPTES Natura

Tradition meets Science

analysis and products development

Why We perform analysis ?

We screen and perform phytochemical analyzis of a large number of plants and aromatic herbs to select only those with top quality of biomolecules to included in our products.

Indeed, despite the fundamental similarity in a same variety, plants produce a vast array of different chemical compounds at a different concentrations depending on many factors such as growing and light conditions, harvesting and conditioning treatments, watering and environment stress factors, etc.

The amount and the number of bioactive molecules can be significantly different even in the same plant variety.

Bioactive molecules need to be checked in each lot of plants to make sure they are present in the medicinal plants and the level of their concentrations is high enough to be effective.

we aren't afraid of trying new things

A large Products Range

Eptes natura delivers worldwide a selection of preventive, corrective and wellbeing medicinal plants based products that can be used by our customers to protect and mantain good health.

Our natural and organic medicinal plants are delivered under different forms such as cataplasms made from plants, plant extract under the form of creams and lotions or mix and raw dried plants.


We love all medicinal plants and more specifically some of them known for their anti-stress or relaxation effects or for their pain relief action, etc. We screen them to determine their quality and concentration in terms of biometabolites.


We create mix of plants based on their concentrations of selected bioactive compounds and their effects on the body and mind. Our blends can be taken as an infusion or to garnish dishes and sauces, etc..

selected bioactive compounds


Applying anti-inflammatory aromatic plants can reduce pain and help to speed muscles repair. Reducing inflammation using plant cataplasms can help to speed the healing process and might prevent injuries from becoming chronic.


Tradition meets science in our medicinal plants that we analyze, and a certificate of analysis is transmitted with the product indicating the list of compounds they include such as terpenes, polyphenols, etc..

How anti-inflammatory biomolecules work in the body

The selected plants containing active compounds including anti-inflammatory action can inhibit cyclooxygenase in cells, thereby reducing the formation of prostaglandins released by the body in response an injury.

Learn more about our workshops on medicinal plants for pain relief 

Creams for Extra Strong Pain Relief

Natural Pain Relief

Creams made from extract of medicinal plants selected for their strong metabolites for pain relief. Pain and heat can be reduced and suppressed when medicinal plants are applied topically after an intense workout.

After-Sport Recovery

Mix of medicinal plant extracts that are naturally rich and include anti-inflammatory and antioxidants such as terpenes, flavonoids and bioflavors that can minimize free-radical damage of cells and prevent muscle degeneration due to repeat stress on muscles, joins and tendons.

Post-Sauna & Body dryness

Extract of medicinal plants selected for their anti-aging biomolecules mixed and prepared for dermal protection of the body against damage caused by free radicals and dryness due to intense heat during a sauna session.

analytical platform

research and development

We screen and perform phytochemical analysis of a large number of plants. Please contact us if you would like to use our analytical platform for your applications. 


phytochemical analyzis

We perform phytochemical analyzis of a large number of medicinal  and aromatic plants.


top quality of biomolecules

We select only plants with top quality of biomolecules to include in our products.


selected active compounds

Selected medicinal plants containing bioingredients that can produce an effect on health. 

Selection of medicinal plants

analysed and selected for their bioactive Effects 

Certified Plants for Natural Care


We screen and perform phytochemical analysis of our raw plants in order to offer only those rich in secondary active metabolites.

High Concentration

In our creams, lotions and cataplasms, we extract plants with high concentrations of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidants or anti-microbial metabolites, etc. to include in ou products.

Highest Quality

Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality products from plants that are known to contribute to improve body performance and health.

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