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  • Manufacturing Services

    We offer manufacturing services of cosmetics and medicare products based on Alpine medicinal plants

  • Cosmetics & Medical Care

    Made from Swiss Alps medicinal plants based on their composition in selected bioactive compounds

  • Ready-to-use Formulations

    Get ready-to-use formulations from our own catalogue and brand it under your name (from 1kg to bulk)

Develop your own brand

We can take care of manufacturing and packaging for small or large quantities.

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We can help you to develop your own brand of skincare, cosmetics or medical care products based on medicinal plants (from 1kg to bulk).

Plant mix formulation

We can create formulations according to your needs from mixtures of alpine medicinal plants as well as botanical plants from other regions of the world.

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Formulations for your skincare or medical care products according to your wishes and projects.

Analytical services

We offer an analytical service for the identification and the quantification of unknown phytochemical compounds present in medicinal plants.

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Our analytical platform is available for the analysis of active compounds or allergens in cosmetics and skincare products.

We carefully select and analyze
All our medicinal Plants

We screen and select medicinal plants for their bioactive properties.

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Analyzed Plants
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Phytochemical Compounds
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Scientific Research
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analysis and products development

Why should plants be analysed ?

Bioactive molecules need to be checked in each batch of medicinal plants to make sure they are present in the plants and the level of their concentrations is high enough to be effective.

our commitements

100% Natural Plants

We use only natural organic Bio medicinal plants as raw materials. All our products are pure and net based on plants and are free from any synthetic materials.

100% Scientific Research

Our products are based only on scientific research, analysis and knowledge of the composition of selected plants at the molecular level.

100% Fairness

we are constantly seeking to promote fairness, environmental awareness and responsibility through our innovative products and services and our fair-trading policy.

Courses & Training

Medicinal plants for skincare and cosmetics

Medicinal plants are a reservoir of active biomolecules for body and skincare. A beginner's course is held annually for our clients to help them discover the effects of medicinal plants on the skin and for aesthetic purposes.

We run yearly courses on phytochemical composition of medicinal plants. 

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