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  • Order from our catalogue

    Over 130 products are available to order and will be delivered in our standard containers or in your containers with labels. No extra costs !

  • Personalize your order

    You can personalize and enrich the products you order with a choice of additional natural ingredients that we put at your disposal. No extrat costs !

  • Manufacturing Services

    We offer manufacturing services and new formula development based on natural ingredients according to your wishes and your brand.

Develop your own products

We can take care of manufacturing and packaging for small or large quantities. Please, visit the page Manufacturing for more info.

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We can help you to develop your own brand of skincare, beauty products based on natural ingredients and plants (from 1kg to bulk).

Use our formulations or develop your own with us.

Get more information in the page Formulation.

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Formulations ready-to-use or new ones can be created for your skincare products according to your wishes and projects.


Check the list of services we offer in the page brand communication.

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Brand Communication Kit  
We provide services in website design, professional video shooting, flyers design and brand communication.

New products in our Catalogue

Eptes Natura

Book your Private Production of wide Swiss plants

Reserve your own slot of production in the Swiss Alps where our farmer will grow your favorite wild organic Swiss medicinal plants! 


your alpine private plants

Medicinal plants to use in your skin care & cosmetic products developped specifically for you.


unique composition

Wilde plants are rich in bioactive compounds and essential aromatic molecules.


pure Swiss plants

Reserve your annual production of pure alpine wild Swiss medicinal plants of your choice.


Your Private Collection of Swiss Plants

Reserve your own slot of production in the Swiss Alps (Valais) where our farmer will grow and pick by hand your favorite wild organic (BIO) Swiss medicinal plants to be used in your own skin care and beauty products.

our commitements


We use natural ingredients. If we have to use any synthetic material because the natural one does not exist, we will then inform our customers first.

Scientific Research

Our products are based on pure scientific research, analysis and our knowledge of manufacturing practices.


we are constantly seeking to promote fairness, environmental awareness and responsibility through our innovative products and services and our fair-trading policy.

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