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Medicinal plants - workshops 2020

Learn more about Natural molecules

hands-on workshop

Find out what medicinal plants contain!

The purpose of these workshops is to share and provide participants with useful scientific knowledge on some medicinal plants and the different classes of biomolecules they include.

The aim is also to show the power of some plants and how their constituants work on the body. In addition, we will learn during this workshop simple and easy methods about how to store and prepare some medicinal plants for personal use. An infusion or an aperitif of Swiss medicinal plants will be offered to the participants at the end of the workshop.

Different Modules are available:

  1. Medicinal Plants for Pain Relief
  2. Plants and Relaxation Molecules
  3. Anti-microbial Molecules  
  4. Memory & Concentration 

A hands-on workshops to learn

Participants can touch and discover some example of medicinal plants, learn how to recognize and how to use them (depending on the selected module).

  • Medicinal plants varieties
  • How medicinal plants work and what we know
  • Module: Pain Relief, Relaxation, Anti-microbial
  • Preparation Methods
  • Infusion of medicinal plants offered

following sessions are included


Medicinal plants, different varieties and their quality, purity, etc. What are the plants that contain anti-inflammatory, concentration, relaxation molecules, etc.

How It Works

A brief introduction on how biomolecules works on the body depending on the module (anti-inflammatory, relaxation, etc.


Which kind of molecules, class of molecules, how to extract them, which part of the plants, stabiity, combining actives molecules, etc.


Some preparation methods and mistakes to avoid when using medicinal plants and how to keep molecules integrity, etc.

About the facilitator

Dr. Nadia Plata, Chimist EPFL

Workshop led by Dr. Nadia Plata

This workshop will be led by Dr. Nadia Plata, chemist (EPFL). Nadia has spent more than 20 years in research and development in plants, environment and food chemistry with as special focus on the action of medicinal and edible plants on health.

About d'Eptes Natura

Eptes Natura, founded in 2009, is based in Vevey Switzerland specialized in R&D and in products development on medicinal plants composition and their effects on health.


General Information

General public, beginners and professionnals interested in an introduction to medicinal plants composition. Workshops are held regularly at:

  • Geneva: address will be added soon (Frensh)
  • Lausanne: address will be added soon (Frensh)
  • Zurich: address will be added soon (English)

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Medicinal plants workshop

Module: Plants for Pain Relief
CHF 50
Per Person
  • 2 hours Workshop
  • Medicinal plants varieties
  • How medicinal plants work
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain relief molecules
  • Methods for preparation
  • An infusion of medicinal plants offered
Next Workshop

Pain relief

Medicinal plants include thousands of molecules. Research has shown molecules that are effective against pain. This module is an introduction to medicinal plants that include natural biomolecules known to be effective for pain relief.


Medicinal plants taken as an infusion have been used since the ancestral time for relaxation and well feeling. This module is an introduction to medicinal plants and biomolecules known to be effective for relaxation and to overcome anxiety.

Module information

Memory & Conc.

Some biomolecules are known by scientists in medicinal plants to boost memory and enhance concentration. This module is an introduction to medicinal plants and biomolecules known to empower memory and concentration.


Some medicinal plants contain many aromatic molecules that demonstrate an anti-microbial quality if taken as infusion. This module is an introduction to medicinal plants that contain a class of anti-microbial biomolecules.

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