How does it work - Private Label

It is so easy!

Order and add you logo and brand name !

  1. You can use our available ready-to-use formula and products that can then be incorporated in your products portfolio and sold under your brand and logo.
  2. You might want to customize the products. We provide then a list of ingredients that can be added to personnalise your order at no extra costs. 

Developing your own brand has never been so easy!
You can choose between two options:

How does it work?

Option 1 : Product orders, delivery & packaging

Order from our 130 products in our catalogue. We deliver your order in our standard packaging. You can also send us your labeled containers to be filled. No extra costs !

Option 2 : Bulk orders, delivery & packaing

You can order bulk and large volume from any products in our catalogue. The products will be sent to you in jars, canisters, etc. You get 10 % Off !

Order from our Catalogue


We have developed many new formulations such as body anti-aging, after sauna, face anti-aging, serums, lips protection, nails care, etc.

Sports Care

We offer formulations ready to use made from natural ingredients effective to reduce pain and help to speed muscle repair. Reducing inflammation might prevent injuries from becoming chronic.


Check out our online catalog for a list of products and skincare formulations that we have created and are constantly improving.

Phyto Bodycare

We create creams and balms from plants based on their composition in selected bioactive compounds effective against colds, sore throats and coughs.

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