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We manufacture private & white label skincare and hygienic products based on natural ingredients and plants. 

We create customized formulations according to your needs or alternatively you can choose to use the white label option from our catalogue (order from our catalogue and brand it under your name).

Our analytical platform is available for our customers for products  analysis

We also provide training and courses. Please visit the Courses Page.

Manufacturing Services

You wish to develop your skincare or hygienic products based on natural ingredients but you do not know which ingredient to take and which ones to avoid, depending on the nature of your product to be developed and its future applications. We can take care of manufacturing and packaging of small (from 1kg) or large quantities. All our products are made and manufactured in Switzerland.

Formulation and R&D

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of natural ingredients and their composition at the molecular level, we can create formulations of skin care products according to your needs. After mandatory laboratory tests, and the completion of the regulatory part according to the countries of marketing, these formulations become finished products. You can thus order large volumes.

Analytical Services

We offer analytical services for the quantification or identification of unknown compounds or allergens. In addition, we offer SDS document creation, anti-oxidant acitivities measure, colorometric analysis, etc. Thus, our analytical platform (GC/MS, extraction, etc.) is available to our customers for the analysis of any cosmetics sample (creams, oils, gel, etc.).

All in one place: Formulation,
manufacturing and R&D

Work with us and develop your products with a single partner for formulation, manufacturing and R&D of your skin care products.

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Our Catalogue

Beauty and Bodycare

Here is a short list of products that we are able to manufacture in our facility in Switzerland. Please contact us for more information.

Eptes Natura

Why Choose Us

Our knowledge of natural ingredients and botanicals and their composition at the molecular level makes us unique in skin care product development!



Our professional and efficient sales team has years of expertise in cosmetic and skin care manufacturing and is ready to help.



We are available and ready to provide with the best products and efficient assistance that fulfill customers requirements.



We always remain attentive to our customer demands and we are working constantly to improve our products. 

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