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Analytical services

identification & quantification

With more than 50,000 active compounds, medicinal plants possess a vast arsenal of phytochemical molecules, many of which are still little known.

Thus, our analytical platform (GC/MS, Various Extraction Methods, SAFE, etc.) is available to our customers for the analysis of active or aromatic compounds in medicinal plants.

We offer an analytical service for the identification and the quantification of unknown compounds present in hygienic, cosmetics, plants, etc..

Highly trained plants chemists

All analyses are performed by highly trained chemists

How to order your plants analysis

Step 1: Quotation

Ask for a quotation using the form below or contact us for more information.

Step 2: Send a sample

Send us 50 g of your product. Fill up the Express Analysis Form that we will send you.

Step 3: Get your results

A detailed report that includes methods and results (about 1-3 pages) will be sent to you in about 7-21 days.

Get a quotation for your analysis

Ask for a quotation using the form below.

Our catalogue - Private Label

Medical Care

We create creams and balms from Swiss Alps medicinal plants based on their composition in selected bioactive compounds effective against colds, sore throats and coughs.

Sports Medicine & Orthopedics

We offer creams and balms made from Swiss alpine plants that can reduce pain and help to speed muscle repair. Reducing inflammation might prevent injuries from becoming chronic.


We select a large number of plants to be used in our developed creams to be applied topically for skin protection.


Joint Pain Relief cream is made from a mixed of medicinal plants from Swiss Alps effective agains articular rheumatism and joint pain.

Eptes Natura

Why Choose Us

Our knowledge of medicinal plants and their composition at the molecular level for cosmetics, hygienic and medical applications makes us unique!



Our professional and effective sales team has several years of expertise in medicinal plants for cosmetics & medical applications and is ready to help all our customers.



We are available for our customers and ready to provide them with the best products and efficient assistance that fulfill their requirements.



We always remain attentive to our customer demands and we are working constantly to improve our products. Innovation and sustainablity drive us always ahead!

Courses & TRAINING

Medicinal plants for skincare and cosmetics

Medicinal plants are a reservoir of active biomolecules for body and skincare. A beginner's course is held annually for our clients to help them discover the effects of medicinal plants on the skin and for aesthetic purposes.

We run yearly courses on phytochemical composition of medicinal plants. 

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