Calophylle virgin oil Bio

Calophylle virgin oil bio. For bulk orders, please ask.

Calophylle virgin oil Bio.

Main characteristics

  • 100% natural and organic Bio
  • No chemicals, no essential oils, no additives, no GMOs

Composition: This product is made from 100 % organic (Bio) Calophylle vergin oil.

Directions for use: Can be used whenever it is needed as much as needed on body.

How does it work – Private label ?

  • The products are sent without labelling. Please add you own labels and logos. We provide you with the information on the label and the list of ingredients.
  • The product will be sent to you in our standard containers.
  • You might sent us your containers, we will fill them up and send them back to you.
  • The products can be sent to you as bulk (in canisters, jars, etc.) upon request (10 %). Please let us know when you place your order if you would like to receive it in containers or as bulk in jars and you put it your selves in your own containers.
  • Product ID: Please contact us for more information.


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