Henna – Hair Color

CHF 15.00CHF 2,700.00

Henna for hair color. For bulk orders, please ask.

Worldwide Delivery

Henna for hair color. 

Main characteristics

  • Natural plants
  • No chemicals, no essential oils, no additives, no GMOs
  • Made in Switzerland with high quality ingredients

Composition: Henna coloring powder gives a red sheen to black hair, while it gives an orange color to blond and gray hair. Henna naturally strengthens the hair shaft, promoting resilience and reducing breakage.

Directions for use : To be used on hair.

How does it work – Private label ?

  • The products are sent without labelling. Please add you own labels and logos. We provide the label and ingredient information.
  • The product will be sent to you in our standard containers.
  • The products can be sent to you as bulk (in canisters, jars, etc.) upon request (10% off). Please let us know when you place your order if you would like to receive it in containers or as bulk in jars and you put it your selves in your own containers.
  • Product ID: Please contact us for more information.
  • Delivery within 3-12 weeks

Sample x 30ml, 50, 100, 500


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